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How important is your personality in the workplace? A complete Guide.

Personality in the  Workplace by Abeer Naseem Personality is that element of human nature that cannot be disregarded at any place and time. The human personality is what makes one likeable or unlikeable to work with. We shall understand that we are not only known by the clothes we wear, and the cars we drive rather we are known by the aura and personality we carry. Our personality is what makes us. As personality is our unique identity outside work, it is the most essential part of us at work too. How people communicate with us, and how we reciprocate our professional relationships are all a product of the kind of personality we have. When the importance of one’s personality cannot be undermined, how can mental factors leading to that personality be kept aside? One’s mental state also makes ones personality, and it is as important for an individual to keep their mental well-being a priority. This brings us to the problem of maintaining a healthy personal/work life balance. People who are unable to maintain this balance effectively, usually end up in frustrations, fights and ultimately disrupting their professional and personal relationships. Mental health has a direct impact on one’s personality and it needs as much attention as one’s appearance. To our surprise, our personality can be shaped into the goods and the bads, depending on how we want it to be. Today, a well-groomed person is what institutes and organizations look for because each employee is an ambassador of the place and no company can bring down its image. Therefore, in their selection, they are very careful and... read more

Counselling Help: A Complete Step by Step Guide 2018

Counseling Helps by Abeer Naseem Why is it that for a second we tumble over the thought of visiting a counselor and try to resist the idea till the maximum? When sick, we hardly ever wait to consult a doctor. Why is it that we associate weakness or fears with the name ‘psychologist’ or ‘counselor’?  Part of the blame lies with counseling being a taboo in our society. It is sad that such beliefs exist in this day and age. We need to accept that each one of us, in some way, is a victim. Like doctors, psychologists are there to help patients suffering from emotional injuries. Some people need to seek advice from a professional without feeling a sense of shame and embarrassment but the question remains, how did counseling, which is harmless and helpful, become so hard to seek. Humans are prone to problems, irrational fears, inability to cope with the trivial issues of life and falling prey to bad decisions. This needs to be corrected as we need to learn skills and develop strategies to avoid harm to ourselves as much as we can. Seeking counseling for matters that disturb the mind is nothing to be ashamed of, rather it should develop a sense of pride in us that we are sane enough to improve ourselves and rectify our cognitive errors.   So, is counseling of any use or is the terrifying perception about it embedded in our minds? First and foremost, one needs to feel blessed for having developed the insight, to be aware of the problems that lie ahead and the realization that they... read more

Resume Builder: A Complete Updated List 2018 – by SkillGear

If you want to see the Best Resume Builder Tools in one place! Then this article is best for you. I also have created PDF Format of this article to easily download. You can read in your free time. I personally used and tested these tools. You can filter your best tools easily. 1. Novo Resume Novo Resume builder is designed for every individual to build his/her own resume in short time. A resume is like a puzzle game but this tool helps you to play a puzzle easily. Official Website 2. Resume Genius Resume Genius is another CV Builder tool used widely in the world by professionals. For their careers. If you are interested and want to build your career, just visit the website and build your resume. Official Website 3. is CV builder widely used in Pakistan. It is a simple and amazing builder for beginners, to build their resume in a very short period of time. Official Website 4. is also resumed builder used in Pakistan. is much more famous in Pakistan than but according to me, is an easy builder. Official Website 5. is easy online resume builder platform to build their perfect resume easily. Official Website 6. Got Resume Builder In this website you can use professionally designs cv templates to get the job you want in your career easily. Official Website 7. Live Career Live Career is Website for professionals and students to build their cv. Are you looking for cv writing techniques? Then you can visit this... read more